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What is Click 2 Convert?

We are a Xero conversion service that takes the hassle out of converting your myob or qbooks file. Time is money and accountants and bookkeepers appreciate a wholesale service that they can use and still charge their clients the market value to do the conversion. There is a lot of important and tricky things to get right in a conversion, so let us do the easy 90% of the conversion work for a low cost and leave you to complete the job at the premium rate.

Why would you need us?

Clients love Xero but clients find it hard being charged a thousand dollars to convert to new software that YOU told them to get. Another problem is that even if you have a client ready to convert and willing to pay a fee, generally you have no staff time to convert the files, or you might be sick of getting lost in the numerous errors that happen when you convert a file. Either way you can appreciate a service that will convert a whole file in to Xero for you for $199. Especially when the value of the service to the client is up near $700.

How secure is my data?

As accountants and bookkeepers ourselves we know that client data is sacrosanct. We have dedicated, trained staff ready to individually work on your conversion. Each job is fully reviewed by our staff to ensure the highest quality.

Your files are stored using Formstack ( Formstack are a wonderful online form building service. Security is the cornerstone of their business. Because they do security so well we rely on them to keep your data safe.

Details of their security capabilities are here.

The data on our side is handled using weblinks to the Formstack system so the data stays there.

What information should you give us??

As accountants and bookkeepers we are more than aware that data in = data out. I.e the better the MYOB/Qbooks file you give us, the better Xero file you receive. Before submitting us a file perhaps it is worth ensuring the bank is reconciled at the conversion date you have requested, the chart of accounts reflects what you want to see in the Xero file, etc

Remember, we aren’t working miracles, we are just giving you the conversion date balances that are in the file you give us.

I Cant submit the form!

Maybe the file is too big?
If the file is too big, please purchase a conversion through our website and upload a dummy .zip file and complete the process. Then when you get the Congratulations email from us, please reply with a Dropbox or link to the file so that we can download it. If you need a simple “” file to upload, Download here

I already have a Xero file

Have you done anything in the Xero file already and/or did you set it up with a Xero promo code?

Generally it’s best to just delete the file you have and we can get you a new one (with 30 days  free and the file is transferred back to you).

If you are particularly attached to the existing Xero file you can invite as a ‘financial advisor’ use after you purchase the conversion from our website. Please ensure that we have ‘manage user’ access and that the Xero file is at the right level (medium subscription). After we convert the data you can delete our user login.

What versions of MYOB do you support?

Every version EXCEPT version 11 – unfortunately we cannot do full transactional level conversions if you have upgraded your file to Version 11 – we can however complete a Basic conversion for ANY file.

Do you bring over MYOB Items?

Yes, we convert over Items in MYOB to Xero.

Do you offer post conversion or Xero support?

Click2convert is a conversion service only. We take your data file and convert it to Xero on an ‘as it’ basis. We do not interoperate you data file or manipulate it in any way.
As our service is to simply convert MYOB and QuickBooks files to Xero, we do not offer followup Xero support or training. You can use which is a great resource or contact a Certified Xero Adviser found at


Click 2 convert may require extra time outside the 3 business days to complete a conversion or can reserve the right to return a file and issue a full refund in the following circumstances:

- Where the file is corrupted;

- Where the size of the file is greater than 1 million line entries in to Xero;

- When there are more than 30 employees in the file;

- When there are specialised pay items including overtime earnings rates, deductions, fixed rates etc

- From time to time, as advised by Click 2 convert